Johan Dahlfors

Digital & UX Design / Creative / Interaction / Frontend

For Bambuser and Bambuser's B2B platform Iris, I was responsible for the brand and visual identity. I took part in the process of transforming the Bambuser from a customer-oriented brand into a B2B-oriented brand, and designed new logotypes and identities for the brands Bambuser and Iris platform.

I have been deeply involved in all the external communication and designed the visual communication for the site, and I also did front-end development for implementing the designs. Before Iris platform was created, I have done many iterations of design for the business customer-facing design and online sales pages of Bambuser.

Bambuser logo

Logotypes designed to be used on top of video content.

Iris logo
Iris platform site

Website, design and implementation

Product visualisation

Iris Mobile SDK visualisation

Product visualisation

Content flow visualisation for Iris platform

Iris Flow app is a content-gathering app for live video, still photos and videos. I've worked on the design and UX of the Iris Flow app for Android and iOS since the early concept versions together with a small core team at Bambuser. The design has been made to be easy-to-use, yet clean, aimed solely for business use in professional environments. Continuously over the years I've worked on incremental improvements on the design.

The video and photo content from the mobile apps is accessed through a web based content management system, for which I've also done UI/UX design (and some front-end development) in many iterations over the years. This content management system has sub components with unique UI requirements needing unique solutions due to real-time management features for live video.

Iris Flow app

App visualisation

Iris Flow app interface

Live broadcasting, chat, title, zoom

Iris Content Management
Iris Content Management: Live segment editor

Web-based content management

Birdplane was a mobile to mobile live video broadcasting and viewing app/service similar to Periscope, built to showcase how easily such live broadcasting services could be built on top of Bambuser's Iris platform.

For Birdplane I designed a bold, consumer targeted logo and visual identity. I also worked on the UX together with the team, as well as designed the app interface, website and did front-end development for the website.

Birdplane social cover

Birdplane logo on a social cover image

Birdplane website
Birdplane mobile website

Birdplane website

Birdplane intro screens

Intro screens

Lumi Weather is a weather service with user contribution of weather reports with photos and video. Me and a small team at Bambuser developed the concept of a weather service using user-contributed images and videos.

I designed the logo and the visual identity, and develop the brand together with the team. I also made wireframes and interaction design for the app, as well as designed and implemented the design on the website.

Lumi Weather logo

Lumi logotype

Lumi Weather early app version

Early app design

Lumi Weather mobile website

Lumi mobile web

Lumi Weather desktop website

Lumi desktop web

Social live is a live video camera app module that is builtin to the default camera app on Xperia phones, produced by Bambuser in a collaboration with Sony. Social live let Xperia users broadcast live video to Facebook already in 2013 — 2 years before Facebook launched the beta version of its own live video broadcasting.

I worked on wireframes and UI/UX design for the mobile app. I also worked on the design for the website, which made the videos avaliable for sharing to other services. All the design was in collaboration with Sony's design team in Japan. I also did front-end development for the website of the service.

Art Director, Honesty

I did my internship (as part of the Hyper Island studies) as the first Art Director at the advertising agency Honesty. I took part in brain storming, concept creations and worked with web and print design, as well as the designs for ad campaigns and pitches.

Honesty advertising agency

Web and print design, identity, web development

Beside my studies I have done freelance assignments, mainly for identity, web design and development, as well as worked full-time with print as a graphic designer for the independent film distributor Future Film.

Freelance identity and website project for Häggström & Möller


Digital Media Creative studies at Hyper Island with clients ranging from NOKO Jeans to Disney to smaller companies in Sweden.

Studied media and development courses at Södertörn University & KTH.

Studied traditional painting & art.

Painting of a woman